Here at The Grand Junction Hotel, there’s a space for everyone. No matter the size or occasion, we’ll have an area to suit your needs. Nan turning 92? Celebrate in the bistro with the extended family! Footy team just won the division four grand final? Book out a space in the beer garden for some celebratory drinks! Your chess club have their AGM fast approaching? Plonk yourself in the Sax lounge!


The dining room

Our Dining room suits any size booking. If you’re looking at a group of 8, right up to a party of 80 seated guests, we’ve got you covered.



You need space? We’ve got it. Ask about booking out the backyard for your next Birthday, Christmas party or social gathering.

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the sax lounge

Intimate and relaxed, the sax lounge is the perfect spot to park up and have a private lunch or dinner with family & friends.



As you’d expect, our busiest space. We don’t take bookings out here, but there are adjoining rooms you can lock down! Give us a bell to learn more.


For bigger events, we get that you may not want to order a la carte. Here’s where our catering menu comes in handy. Fully customisable for your dietary requirements, be it vegetarian, gluten free, vegan, or maybe you’re just a fussy bugger who won’t eat your mushrooms. We’ve got you covered.